Kim understands that a key aspect of a successful search is the fit between company culture and a candidate’s style and vision for their career. Because of the deep understanding of company culture she develops for each placement, the same client often contracts for several searches when building a team. She has worked for many clients over the years as key executives leave or when they are expanding the executive ranks.

Kim’s success in developing candidate lists that are extraordinary has resulted clients requesting Pre-Search Sourcing for them. These are typically cases where the placement is beyond their reach, the candidate does not yet see the potential, or the company must remain highly confidential in their outreach. Kim is known for bringing forth remarkable candidates that, as a client once said, “we could only dream of finding.

executive search

Kim is Chairman Advisory Board and Managing Partner at August Leadership, a global executive search firm.


director recruiting

You won’t get a potential candidate list filled with the “usual suspects”.

On one board search, Kim offered three candidates, all of which the client wished could be placed on their board, but there was only the one opening.

When another company called and told her their previous search firm said they could not find a qualified woman to fill a board seat, Kim’s response was “That’s not possible” and successfully completed the placement.

consulting services

Companies and boards often need insight and guidance on organizational structures and strategic talent planning. Kim’s draws on her corporate leadership experience and executive search leadership in providing these services for select clients.

Consulting services also includes advising companies on their internal recruiting process and determining which roles to hire first -- in particular companies experiencing tremendous growth -- as the wrong hire can be incredibly disrupting.